November 2004, VOLUME114 /ISSUE Supplement 5

Conference Participants

  • Betty R. Vohr, MD, Chair

    Department of Pediatrics

    Brown University

    101 Dudley St

    Providence, RI 02905 E-mail: bvohr{at}

  • Marilee C. Allen, MD

    Department of Pediatrics

    Johns Hopkins University

    600 N Wolfe St

    CMSC 210

    Baltimore, MD 21287 E-mail: mcallen{at}

  • Glen Aylward, PhD, ABPP

    Pediatrics and Psychiatry

    Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

    PO Box 19658

    Springfield, IL 627904-9658 E-mail: Gaylward{at}

  • Keith Barrington, MD

    Department of Pediatrics

    Obstetrics and Gynecology

    McGill University

    Royal Victoria Hospital

    687 Pine Ave W

    Room C7.68

    Montreal, QC, Canada H3A 1A1 E-mail: kbarri{at}

  • Roberta A. Ballard, MD

    University of Pennsylvania

    Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

    34th and Civic Center Boulevard

    Philadelphia, PA 19104 E-mail: ballard{at}

  • Debra Birenbaum, MD

    Food and Drug Administration

    5600 Fishers Lane

    Room 10B45

    Rockville, MD 20857 E-mail: birenbaumd{at}

  • Lillian R. Blackmon, MD

    Department of Pediatrics

    University of Maryland School of Medicine

    UMMS N5W68

    22 S Greene St

    Baltimore, MD 21201 E-mail: lblackmon{at}

  • Jeanette Conner, PhD, MS, ARNP

    Clinical Trials and Follow Up Projects

    Vermont Oxford Network

    33 Kilburn St

    Burlington, VT 05401 E-mail: jeanette{at}

  • Mary D’Alton, MD

    Columbia University

    Deparment of Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine

    Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

    622 W 168th St

    16th Floor, Room 66

    New York, NY 10032 Email: md511{at}

  • Lex William Doyle, MD

    Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Royal Women’s Hospital

    132 Gratran St

    Carlton 3053, Australia Email: lwd{at}

  • Anna M. Dusick, MD

    Department of Pediatrics

    Riley Hospital for Children

    702 E Barnhill Dr

    Room 1601

    Indianapolis, IN 46202 E-mail: adusick{at}

  • Paul Fernhoff, MD

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention andEmory University of Medicine

    4770 Buford Highway


    Atlanta, GA 30341 E-mail: Pfernhoff{at}

  • Jan M. Friedman, MD, PhD

    Department of Medical Genetics

    University of British Columbia

    523 N Decatur Lane

    Decatur, GA 30033 E-mail: frid{at}

  • Maureen Hack, MB, ChB

    Department of Pediatrics

    High Risk Follow Up Program

    Case Western Reserve University

    Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital

    University Hospitals of Cleveland

    11100 Euclid Ave

    Cleveland, OH 44106-2624 E-mail: mhx7{at}

  • James Hanson, MD

    National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

    Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Branch

    6100 Executive Blvd

    Building 6100, Room 4B09

    Rockville, MD 20852 E-mail: hansonj{at}

  • Lynne Haverkos, MD

    National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

    Child Development and Behavior Branch

    6100 Executive Blvd

    Building 6100, Room 4B05

    Rockville, MD 20852 Email: haverkol{at}

  • Susan Hintz, MD

    Department of Pediatrics

    Stanford University School of Medicine

    Division of Neonatal and Developmental Medicine

    750 Weltch Rd

    Suite 315

    Palo Alto, CA 94304 E-mail: srhintz{at}

  • Deborah Hirtz, MD

    Clinical Trials

    National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

    6001 Executive Blvd

    NSC Room 2212

    Rockville, MD 20852 E-mail: hirtzd{at}

  • Alan H. Jobe, MD, PhD

    University of Cincinnati

    3333 Burnet Ave

    Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039 E-mail: jobea{at}

  • Linda LaGasse, PhD

    Women and Infants Hospital

    Infant Development Center, Brown University

    79 Plain Street, 2nd floor

    Providence, RI 02903 E-mail: linda_lagasse{at}

  • John Lorenz, MD

    Children’s Hospital

    3959 Broadway CHS 115

    New York, NY 10032 E-mail: jl1084{at}

  • Laura Ment, MD

    Department of Pediatrics

    Yale University

    333 Cedar St

    New Haven, CT 06510 E-mail: laura.ment{at}

  • Michael Msall, MD

    Department of Pediatrics, Pritzker School of Medicine

    Department of Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

    University of Chicago Children’s Hospital

    5841 S Maryland Ave

    MC 0900

    Chicago, IL 60637 E-mail: mmsall{at}

  • Jeffrey Neil, MD, PhD

    Department of Radiology

    Washington University

    Campus Box 8225

    Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

    St Louis, MO 63110 E-mail: neil{at}

  • Carol Nicholson, MD

    Pediatric Critical Care and Rehabilitation

    National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research

    National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

    6100 Executive Blvd

    Building 6100, Room 2A03

    Rockville, MD 20852 E-mail: nicholca{at}

  • Michael O’Shea, MD

    Department of Pediatrics

    Wake Forest University

    Medical School Boulevard

    Winston-Salem, NC 27157 E-mail: moshea{at}

  • Mary Lou Oster-Granite, PhD

    National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

    Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Branch

    6100 Executive Blvd

    Building 6100, Room 4B09

    Rockville, MD 20852 E-mail: granitem{at}

  • Robert Palisano, PT, ScD

    Programs in Rehabilitation Sciences

    MCP Hahnemann University

    245 N 15th St

    MS 502

    Philadelphia, PA 19102 E-mail: robert.j.palisano{at}

  • Jeffrey Perlman, MD

    Department of Pediatrics

    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

    5323 Harry Hines Blvd

    Dallas, TX 75235-7200 E-mail: jeffrey.perlman{at}

  • Mabel L. Rice, PhD

    Child Language Doctoral Program

    1000 Sunnyside Ave

    Room 3031 Dole

    University of Kansas

    Lawrence, KS 66045-4570 E-mail: mabel{at}

  • Warren Rosenfeld, MD

    Department of Pediatrics

    Winthrop University Hospital

    259 First St

    Mineola, NY 11501-3907 E-mail: wrosenfeld{at}

  • Saroj Saigal, MD, FRCP (C)

    Department of Pediatrics

    McMaster University

    1200 Main St W

    Room 4G40

    Hamilton, ON, Canada L8N 3Z5 E-mail: saigal{at}

  • Hudson Gerry Taylor, PhD, ABPP

    Division of Behavioral Pediatrics and Psychology

    Case Western Reserve University

    11100 Euclid Ave

    Mather House, Room 230

    Cleveland, OH 44106-6038 E-mail: hgt2{at}

  • Jon E. Tyson, MD

    Department of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Internal Medicine, and Epidemiology

    Center for Clinical Research and Evidence-Based Medicine

    University of Texas

    Houston Medical School

    6431 Fannin

    MSB 2.106

    Houston, TX 77030 E-mail: jtyson{at}

  • Hilary Whyte, M.B., Ch.B.

    Division of Neonatology

    Hospital for Sick Children

    555 University Ave

    Room 3895

    Toronto, ON, Canada M5G 1X8 E-mail: hilary.whyte{at}

  • Linda L. Wright, MD

    Center for Research for Mothers and Children

    6100 Executive Blvd

    Building 6100, Room 4B05

    Rockville, MD 20852 E-mail: wrightl{at}