May 2004, VOLUME113 /ISSUE Supplement 4

Medical Home Helpful Web Sites

The National Center of Medical Home Initiatives for Children With Special Needs provides support to physicians, families, and other medical and nonmedical providers who care for children with special needs so that they have access to a medical home.

Achieving and Measuring Success: A National Agenda for Children With Special Health Care Needs. This includes the six critical indicators of progress.

President's New Freedom Initiative—Fulfilling America's Promise to Americans With Disabilities. the comprehensive federal web site of disability-related government resources.

Healthy People 2010—Achieving and Measuring Success: Six Critical Indicators of Progress and The National Centers Charged with Helping the Nation Achieve These Goals

  1. All CSHCN will receive regular ongoing comprehensive care within a medical home. The National Center of Medical Home Initiatives for CSHCN:

  2. All families of CSHCN will have adequate public and/or private insurance to pay for the services that they need. The National Center on Financing for CSHCN:; The Maternal and Child Health Policy Research Center:

  3. All children will be screened early and continuously for special health care needs. National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management:; The National Newborn Screening and Genetics Resource Center:

  4. Families of CSHCN will participate in decision making at all levels and will be satisfied with the services that they receive. Family Voices:; National Center for Cultural Competence:

  5. Community-based service systems will be organized so that families can use them easily. Champions for Progress Center:

  6. All youths with special health care needs will receive the services necessary to make transitions to all aspects of adult life. Healthy and Ready to Work National Center: