August 2001, VOLUME108 /ISSUE 2

We would like to point out an error in our paper “Cranial ultrasound prediction of disabling and nondisabling cerebral palsy at age two in a low birth weight population” (1995;95(2):249–254). At the bottom of page 251 we describe the findings shown in Table 1 on the relationship of various forms of brain injury to later cerebral palsy. We state: “DCP was found in 37 of 149 infants withisolated GM/IVH… .”. The word “isolated” was mistakenly inserted. As is evident from the numbers in Table 1, this risk applies to all infants with GM/IVH, including any infants with other categories of brain injury as well as GM/IVH. The odds ratio for the risk associated with isolated GM/IVH is 3.14 (1.5, 6.5).