September 2011, VOLUME128 /ISSUE 3

Policy Statement—Children, Adolescents, Obesity, and the Media. Pediatrics. 2011;128(1):201–208

An error occurred in the American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement “Children, Adolescents, Obesity, and the Media” originally published online June 27, 2011 and published in the July 2011 issue of Pediatrics (2011;128:201–208; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2011-1066). On page 204, middle column, third line, a new Recommendation No. 5 should have begun at “Pediatricians should work with their state chapters, the AAP, parent and public health groups, and the White House120 to do the following:” and included all four subsequent bulleted paragraphs. We regret the error.