Percentage of Adolescents 13–17 Years of Age UTD With Vaccination(s) by State Requirement Status

VaccineVaccination Requirements OnlyEducation Requirements OnlyNo Requirements
No. of States% (95% CI)No. of States% (95% CI)No. of States% (95% CI)
≥1 MCV4370.5 (66.5–74.2)1051.0 (48.7–53.2)a3853.4 (51.8–55.0)
≥1 Td/TdaP3279.8 (78.7–80.9)1969.5 (67.3–71.7)a
≥1 HPVb6c45.0 (41.3–48.7)4544.2 (42.1–46.2)
UTD Overalld32e42.2 (40.7–43.7)7e35.4 (32.9–37.9)a1242.1 (38.4–45.9)
 Male51.1 (49.0–53.2)40.5 (37.1–44.1)a48.9 (43.8–53.9)
 Female32.9 (30.9–35.0)29.9 (26.4–33.6)35.0 (29.7–40.6)
  • a Significantly different from vaccination requirements only (P < .05).

  • b HPV was assessed among adolescent girls only; because of sample size, education requirement group includes the 1 state that had a vaccine requirement for this vaccine.

  • c One vaccination requirement for HPV vaccine combined with 5 education requirements to ensure adequate sample size.

  • d UTD Overall was defined for males as receiving ≥1 MenACWY and ≥1 Td/TdaP and among adolescent girls as receiving ≥1 MenACWY, ≥1 Td/TdaP, and ≥1 HPV.

  • e Vaccination requirements only defined as states with ≥1 vaccination requirement for Td/TdaP, MenACWY, and/or HPV vaccines; education requirements only defined as states with no vaccination requirements and ≥1 educational requirement.