Case/Control Comparison by Identified Viral Pathogen; Bivariate and Multivariate Analyses, YKD, Alaska, October 1, 2006, through September 30, 2007

RSVhMPVhPIVAny KnownaUnknownb
No. of Cases2836218048
No. of Controls40483111472
Medically high-risk infant, OR (P)
 Multivariate resultsNSd11.1 (.049)c10.8 (.028)c3.90 (.003)c3.50 (.043)c
 Bivariate results3.07 (.120)10.5 (.027)c4.46 (.027)c4.79 (<.001)c4.17 (.006)c
Given bottles at night, OR (P)
 Multivariate resultsNS2.28 (.034)cNS1.73 (.017)c2.39 (.009)c
 Bivariate results1.24 (.551)2.36 (.021)c2.67 (.039)c1.88 (.005)c2.12 (.006)c
≥6 people in household, OR (P)
 Multivariate resultsNSNSNSNS5.35 (.035)c
 Bivariate results1.09 (.864)0.69 (.482)0.88 (.835)0.80 (.486)2.43 (.076)
House has <4 rooms, OR (P)
 Multivariate resultsNSNS15.5 (.020)cNSNS
 Bivariate results2.04 (.178)c0.90 (.820)6.32 (.020)c1.92 (.039)c0.90 (.787)
Woodstove in home, OR (P)
 Multivariate resultsNSNSNSNS6.23 (.009)c
 Bivariate results1.22 (.686)c1.61 (.351)1.43 (.624)1.32 (.391)3.43 (.010)c
2 or more rooms with sinks in home, OR (P)
 Multivariate resultsNSNSNSNSNS
 Bivariate results0.30 (.081)c0.58 (.350)0.10 (.030)c0.31 (.004)c0.57 (.187)
Regularly vomit after feeding, OR (P)
 Multivariate resultsNSNSNSNSNS
 Bivariate results2.56 (.448)1.86 (.342)NA2.80 (.059)2.70 (.064)
Currently bottle fed
 Multivariate results, OR (P)NSNSNSNSNS
 Bivariate results1.71 (.447)3.20 (.076)1.59 (.471)2.37 (.029)c2.79 (.051)c
χ2 for multivariate model, (P)NA12.5 (.002)c15.0 (<.001)c19.0 (<.001)c25.9 (<.001)c
  • This table includes results of the final multivariate model for each subgroup, as well as the bivariate results for each subgroup for those risk factors that remained in at least 1 final subgroup model or in the overall multivariate model.

  • a Any known includes any case positive for RSV, hMPV, hPIV, or influenza. Eleven cases were positive for more than 1 virus.

  • b Unknown refers to those negative for RSV, hMPV, hPIV, and influenza. Three of these were positive for Streptococcus pneumoniae.

  • c P < 0.05.

  • d NS, Term is non-significant in the final multivariate model for that subgroup.