Term-MRI Findings: Patients With No Abnormality in the CR-CSp

PatientGA, wkBirth Weight, gCA at Examination, wkLocation of T1 HyperintensityVentriculomegalyIrregularity in the Ventricular Outline
12484038Anterior to the CR-CSpSlightNone
22591538Anterior to the CR-CSpSlightNone
32696041Anterior to the CR-CSpSlightNone
42689041Anterior to the CR-CSpSlightSlight
528116038Anterior to the CR-CSpNoneNone
629119042Anterior to the CR-CSpNoneNone
731151036Anterior to the CR-CSpNoneNone
832122238Anterior to the CR-CSpMildSlight
926100041Anterior and posterior to the CR-CSpSlightSlight
1027101841Anterior and posterior to the CR-CSpMildSlight
112574542Posterior to the CR-CSpMildSlight
122788541Posterior to the CR-CSpNoneNone
1327117640Posterior to the CR-CSpSlightNone
142779043Posterior to the CR-CSpMildSlight
1531173543Posterior to the CR-CSpMildApparent
1632197539Posterior to the CR-CSpSlightSlight
1733189037Posterior to the CR-CSpSlightSlight
  • GA indicates gestational age; CA, corrected age.