Adjusted ORs for Inadequate Sleep for Children Aged 6 to 11 and 12 to 17 Years

Age 6–11 yAge 12–17 y
Demographic characteristics
        Non-Hispanic white (reference)1.001.00
        Non-Hispanic black1.020.83–1.250.730.60–0.89
        Other/mixed race0.690.53–0.900.770.60–0.99
    Family education level.02<.001
        Less than high school1.010.71–1.430.740.49–1.11
        High school graduate0.810.70–0.940.680.60–0.77
        More than high school (reference)1.001.00
    Income as % PL.01<.001
        <100% PL0.680.52–0.880.490.38–0.64
        100%-199% PL0.770.64–0.910.790.67–0.93
        200%-399% PL0.910.80–1.030.890.80–0.99
        ≥400% PL (reference)1.001.00
Child health
    Atopic conditionaNS.002
        No (reference)1.00
    Frequent or severe headacheNS.01
        No (reference)1.00
    Learning disabilityNS<.001
        No (reference)1.00
    Depressive symptomsb<.001<.001
        Never (reference)1.001.00
        Usually, always1.671.32–2.121.431.17–1.75
School and activities
    Having problems at school.03NS
        Never (reference)1.00
        Parents contacted1.161.02–1.32
    Bullied by classmatesNS.01
        Not at all (reference)1.00
        A little0.910.81–1.02
        A lot0.790.66–0.93
    Days physical education during past week<.001<.001
        6–7 (reference)1.001.00
    Television/video time per dNS<.001
        ≤2 h (reference)1.00
        >2 h0.840.76–0.92
Family life
    Mother's emotional healthNS.04
        Excellent (reference)1.00
        Very good, good1.201.03–1.39
        Fair, poor1.320.98–1.77
    Father's general health.04NS
        Excellent (reference)1.00
        Very good, good1.140.99–1.32
        Fair, poor1.411.06–1.88
    Father's emotional healthNS.03
        Excellent (reference)1.00
        Very good, good1.181.02–1.36
        Fair, poor1.411.04–1.92
    Family stress
        Child harder to care forNS.001
            Never (reference)1.00
            Usually, always1.260.96–1.66
Argue heatedly or shout.007.005
            Never (reference)1.001.00
            Sometimes, usually, always1.281.10–1.491.241.08–1.42
        Hitting, throwing things.002<.001
            Never (reference)1.001.00
            Sometimes, usually, always1.190.81–1.751.190.87–1.63
        Parental anger with childNS.006
            Never (reference)1.00
            Usually, always1.611.16–2.23
        Environmental safetyc.002<.001
            Always safe (reference)1.001.00
            Usually safe1.231.09–1.381.351.22–1.49
            Sometimes, never safe1.060.86–1.321.050.87–1.25
  • NS indicates not significant. Each model controls for demographic characteristics, child health, school and activities, and family life variables.

  • a Respondent report of 1 of the following conditions: asthma, hay fever or respiratory allergy, eczema or skin allergy.

  • b Respondent report of ≥1 of the following during the past month: child feels worthless or inferior, unhappy, sad or depressed, stubborn, sullen or irritable, or withdrawn.

  • c Respondent report of ≥1 of the following areas of concern for child's safety: at school, neighborhood, or home.