Characteristics of Infants Included and Excluded From the Cohort and Infants With Missing Data for the Outcome of Interest

CharacteristicInfants With Complete Data (N = 1057)Excluded Infants (N = 104)aInfants With Missing Data for the Outcome
Died (N = 126)No Exam or Follow-up Data (N = 146)
Prenatal care93919487
Antenatal steroids81617877
Maternal hypertension27182219
Vaginal delivery38495245
Duration of rupture of membranes, h41 (136)15 (49)24 (59)52 (151)
Male gender45575355
Gestational age, wk26.2 (2)24.6 (2)25 (1.7)26.3 (2.2)
5-min Apgar score of <620423319
Multiple birth21272719
Birth weight, g785 (131)660 (135)693 (135)795 (148)
FGR-10b1.24 (0.3)1.26 (0.3)1.25 (0.2)1.23 (0.3)
Respiratory distress syndrome971009796
Day of first feeding7.6 (6.5)NA9.2 (8.1)8.1 (7.3)
HM (yes)7507663
  • Data are column percentages of infants with the attribute or the mean (SD) for infants with the attribute. NA indicates not applicable.

  • a Excluded infants were those who were never enterally fed.

  • b FGR-10 indicates birth weight/10th percentile of birth weight for gestational age according to gender (using growth curves described by Alexander et a124).