Birth Rates for Teens According to Age, Race, and Hispanic Origin, United States, Selected Years: 1991–2009

Age, Race, and Hispanic Origin of MotherBirth RateaPercent Change
15–19 y
 All races39.141.542.540.561.8−85−37
 Non-Hispanic whiteb25.626.727.225.943.4−65−41
 Non-Hispanic blackb59.062.864.260.9118.2−85−50
 Asian or Pacific Islander14.716.216.917.027.3−13c−46
 Native Americand55.558.459.352.784.1−613−34
15–17 y
 All races20.121.722.121.438.6−93−48
 Non-Hispanic whiteb11.011.511.811.523.6−73−53
 Non-Hispanic blackb32.134.835.834.986.1−103−63
 Asian or Pacific Islander7.−13c−56
 Native Americand30.632.531.830.551.9−4c−41
18–19 y
 All races66.270.673.969.994.0−106−30
 Non-Hispanic whiteb46.148.550.448.070.6−95−35
 Non-Hispanic blackb97.5104.6109.3103.0162.2−116−40
 Asian or Pacific Islander25.828.429.930.142.2−14c−39
 Native Americand90.596.6101.687.6134.2−1116−33
  • Race and Hispanic origin are reported separately on birth certificates. Persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race. Race categories are consistent with the 1977 OMB standards. Thirty-three states plus the District of Columbia in 2009, 30 states in 2008, 27 states in 2007, and 19 states in 2005 reported multiple-race data. Multiple-race data for these states were bridged to the single-race categories of the 1977 OMB standards for comparability with other states. Data source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/NCHS, National Vital Statistics System, natality.

  • a Rates per 1000 women in specified group.

  • b In 1991 excludes data for New Hampshire, which did not report Hispanic origin on the birth certificate.

  • c Not statistically significant

  • d Includes births to Aleuts and Eskimos.

  • e Includes all persons of Hispanic origin of any race.