Sleep Domains, Interpretation, and Item Composition

Scale NameMeaning of a High ScoreItems Included in 6- to 12-Month Assessments
(Timeframe: “On average, over the past month”)Items Included in 24- to 36-Month Assessments
(Timeframe: “During a typical week”)
Sleep onset latencyFalls asleep quickly and easilyAfter the bedtime routine (eg, bath), how long does it take to get ___ to sleep at night?How often does ___ …
How many times per week have you had problems getting ___ to sleep at night?…fall asleep within 20 min after going to bed?
…resist going to bed at bedtime?
…struggle at bedtime (eg, cry, refuse to stay in bed)?
How often is ___ ready to go at bedtime?
Sleep maintenanceFew night wakingsHow many…How often does ___ wake up…
…nights per week has ___ woken during sleep?…once during the night?
…times has ___ woken each night?…more than once during night?
24-h sleep durationLonger sleepHow much time does ___ spend…What is ___’s usual amount of sleep each day, combining nighttime sleep and naps?
…sleeping each night?
…napping each day?
NapsMore daytime napsHow many…How often does ___ nap during the day?
…days per week has ___ napped during the day?
…naps has ___ taken per day?
Sleep locationSleeping in own bed/cribWhere is ___ initially laid down to sleep? (data collapsed to parent bed versus not)How often does ___ fall asleep…
Where has __ slept most of the night? (data collapsed to own bed/crib versus not)…alone in his or her own bed?
…in a parent’s or sibling’s bed?
Restlessness and vocalizationCalm, quiet sleepHow many nights per week have you seen or heard ___How often…
…talking or vocalizing during sleep?…does ___ talk or vocalize during sleep?
…being restless or moving around during sleep?…is__ restless and moving a lot during sleep?
Nightmares/night terrorsFew eventsHow many nights per week have you seen or heard __ wake up sweating, screaming, and inconsolable?How often does ___ …
…awaken during the night and is sweating, screaming, and inconsolable?
…awaken alarmed by a frightening dream?
SnoringMinimal snoringHow many nights per week have you seen or heard ___ snoring loudly during sleep?How often does ___ snore loudly?