Multivariate Logistic Regression of Patient Factors and Prescribing Physician Specialty Associated With Receipt of Combination Antihypertensive Prescription for Medicaid Adolescents With Primary HTN (n = 977)

ORP Value95% CI
Female (ref = male)1.38.03631.02–1.86
Age at first eligibility 15–19 y (ref = 11–14 y)1.50.01041.10–2.04
Black (ref = white)1.39.02801.04–1.88
Hispanic (ref = white)0.88.75070.40–1.92
Other/unknown (ref = white)1.61.39970.53–4.87
Has obesity comorbidity (ref = no comorbidity)1.05.76070.78–1.40
4–6 y of Medicaid eligibility (ref = 3 y)1.14.47920.79–1.64
Adult PCP only (ref = Spec only)1.56.10750.91–2.66
Pediatric PCP only (ref = Spec only)0.76.57000.29–1.97
Both PCP + Spec (ref = Spec only)2.93.00061.58–5.41
Both adult PCP + pediatric PCP (ref = Spec only)2.14.09610.87–5.22
Unknown (ref = Spec only)0.91.82080.38–2.14
  • ref, reference.