Characteristics of Included Studies

StudyAge at RecruitmentChild CohortSettingProviderNo. of SessionsTheory BasedLength of ObservationPrimary GoalIntervention Components
Abdullah et al18 (2005)5 yWellWell-baby clinicResearch assistant3Yes6 moCessationA,C
Chan et al19 (2005)ChildrenHospital / clinic visitHospitalNurse1No1 moCessationB,C
Curry et al20 (2003)ChildrenHospital / clinic visitPediatricNurse4No12 moCessationA,B,C
Eriksen et al21 (1996)6 wk, 2, 4 yWellPediatricClinic staff1No1 moReduction,cessationA,B
Greenberg et al22(1994)<6 moWellHomeNurse4Yes6 moReductionA,B
Hovell et al23 (2002)3-17 yAsthmaticHomeResearch assistant7Yes12 moReductionB
Hovell et al24 (2009)<4WellHomeStudy counselor14Yes18 moReduction,cessationA,B,D
Hughes et al25 (1991)6-16 yAsthmaticHospital and family homeNurse4No12 moReductionB
Kallio et al26 (2006)5 moWellWell-baby clinicPhysician16No8 yReduction,cessationA,B
Krieger et al27 (2005)4-12 yAsthmaticHomeResearch assistant5–9No12 moReductionB
Ralston and Roohi28 (2008)ChildrenHospital / clinic visitHospitalPhysician1Yes6 moCessationB,D
Severson et al29 (1997)<6 moWellHospital & well-baby clinicPhysician4No12 moReduction,CessationA,B
Vineis et al30 (1993)0-3 moWellWell-baby clinicNurse NRNo2 yCessationA,B
Wahlgren et al31 (1997)6-17 yAsthmaticPediatricResearch assistant6Yes2 yReductionA,B
Wilson et al32 (2011)3-12 yAsthmaticHomeResearch assistant6Yes12 moReductionB,C,E
Woodward et al13 (1987)NewbornWellHospitalResearch assistant1No3 moReductionA,C
Yilmaz et al33 (2006)<16 yWellHospitalNurse1No6 moReduction,cessationA,B
Zakarian et al34 (2004)<4 yWellHomeClinic staff7Yes12 moReductionA,B,C
  • a A, self-help materials; B, counseling; C, phone support; D, medication; E, biochemical feedback.