Adjusted Associations Between High BMI at 1, 1.5, 4, and 7 Years and Change in BMI Status During Childhood, and Sensitization to Inhalant Allergens at Age 8

Sensitization to Inhalant Allergens
NnAdjusted ORa95% CI
BMI status at 1 y
 BMI status at 1.5 y
BMI status at 4 y
BMI status at 7 y
 Change in BMI status between 1–1.5 and 7 y
 Persistent normal10522501.00
 Early high243671.250.90–1.74
 Late high135431.59b1.06–2.39
 Persistent high93241.300.77–2.19
Change in BMI status between 4 and 7 y
 Persistent normal12022861.00
 Early high120301.120.71–1.76
 Late high104311.440.91–2.28
 Persistent high114331.500.95–2.36
  • a Adjusted for parental history of allergic disease, gender, breastfeeding duration, birth weight, maternal age at baseline, and maternal smoking during pregnancy and/or at baseline.

  • b P < .05.