Adjusted Associations Between Change in BMI Status During Childhood and Asthma at 8 Years of Age, Stratified on Parental History of Allergic Disease

No Parental History of Allergic DiseaseParental History of Allergic Disease
Asthma at 8 y of ageAsthma at 8 y of age
NnAdjusted ORa95% CINnAdjusted ORa95% CI
Change in BMI status between 1–1.5 and 7 y
 Persistent normal941251.00405431.00
 Early high217142.70b1.35–5.409030.310.09–1.05
 Late high107114.59b2.15–9.786381.420.62–3.25
 Persistent high8673.49b1.32–9.243441.090.36–3.32
Change in BMI status between 4 and 7 y
 Persistent normal1078351.00472421.00
 Early high10151.600.61–4.243930.780.23–2.71
 Late high8273.03b1.28–7.164651.370.50–3.72
Persistent high103113.75b1.73-8.104861.550.61-3.97
  • a Adjusted for gender, breastfeeding duration, birth weight, maternal age at birth, and maternal smoking during pregnancy and/or at baseline.

  • b P < .05.