Adjusted Associations Between High BMI at 1, 1.5, 4, and 7 Years and Change in BMI Status During Childhood and Asthma at 8 Years of Age

nAsthma at 8 Years of Age
nAdjusted ORa95% CI
BMI status at 1 y
BMI status at 1.5 y
BMI status at 4 y
BMI status at 7 y
Change in BMI status between 1–1.5 and 7 y
 Persistent normal1358691.00
 Early high308171.210.69–2.11
 Late high171192.51b1.45–4.35
 Persistent high122111.890.92–3.87
Change in BMI status between 4 and 7 y
 Persistent normal1560771.00
 Early high14081.250.58–2.67
 Late high128122.09b1.09–3.98
 Persistent high154172.49b1.38–4.49
  • a Adjusted for parental history of allergic disease, gender, breastfeeding duration, birth weight, maternal age at baseline, and maternal smoking during pregnancy and/or at baseline.

  • b P < .05.