Distribution of Exposure Characteristics in Relation to Overweight at Early Age (12 and/or 18 months)

NHigh BMIa at Early Age (n = 430)
n%95% CI
All children195143022.0
Exclusive breastfeeding
 <4 mo3607520.816.8–25.4
 ≥4 mo156634822.220.2–24.4
Maternal age at baseline
 ≤25 y1362216.210.4–23.5
 >25 y181440822.520.6–24.5
Parental history of allergic disease
Maternal asthma
Maternal smokingb
Birth wt
 Quantile 1: ≤3335 g6329314.712.0–17.7
 Quantile 2: 3336–3765 g64413420.817.7–24.2
 Quantile 3: ≥3766 g65820030.426.9–34.1
Maternal overweightc
Socioeconomic status
 White-collar worker163335521.719.8–23.8
 Blue-collar worker2936923.618.8–28.8
Early symptomsd
  • a Cutoff point of BMI was set to the 85th percentile based on children in the BAMSE study. High BMI was defined as a BMI ≥85th percentile.

  • b The mother smoked at least 1 cigarette per day at any point during pregnancy and/or at baseline.

  • c BMI ≥25 on the basis of the mother’s prepregnancy weight.

  • d Symptoms of wheeze and/or eczema during the first 2 year of the child’s life.