Antibiotic-Prescribing Patterns According to Condition

ConditionEstimated Annual No. of Visits for Condition, MillionsNo. of Visits for Condition for Which Antibiotics Were Prescribed, Millions (%)No. of Visits in Which Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics Were Prescribed, Millions (% of Antibiotics That Were Broad-Spectrum)
Respiratory65.631.7 (48.4)16.9 (53.1)
    ARTIs for which antibiotics are indicated29.921.5 (71.7)10.3 (48.0)
    ARTIs for which antibiotics are not indicated19.55.8 (29.6)3.6 (62.5)
    Other respiratory conditions for which antibiotics are not definitely indicated16.24.5 (27.8)2.9 (64.5)
Other158.612.2 (7.7)5.1 (41.9)
    Skin/cutaneous/mucosal28.25.2 (18.6)2.0 (37.8)
    Urinary tract infectionsa1.40.9 (59.3)0.3 (39.3)
    Gastrointestinal infections2.30.1 (5.7)0.1 (54.1)
    Miscellaneous infections8.70.8 (9.6)0.2 (29.0)
    Other117.95.1 (4.3)2.5 (48.3)
Totalb224.243.9 (19.6)22.0 (50.1)
  • Data indicate the estimated number of visits annually in which antibiotics were prescribed for each diagnostic condition and the percentage of overall antibiotic prescribing accounted for by each condition. See Appendix for ICD-9-CM codes specified by each condition.

  • a Excludes nitrofurantoin.

  • b Totals do not include 2036 visits excluded because a concomitant infection appeared as a secondary or tertiary diagnosis. When all visits were included, the overall percentage of visits during which antibiotics were prescribed was 21%.