Antibiotic-Prescribing Patterns Across Diagnostic Conditions

ConditionAcross-Condition Contribution to Antibiotic Prescribing, %
    ARTIs for which antibiotics are indicated48.9
    ARTIs for which antibiotics are not indicated13.1
    Other respiratory conditions for which antibiotics are not definitely indicated10.3
    Urinary tract infectionsa2.0
    Gastrointestinal infections0.3
    Miscellaneous infections1.9
  • Data indicate the percentage that each condition contributed to overall antibiotic prescribing on the basis of an estimated total of 43.9 million visits in which antibiotics were prescribed. This total does not include 2036 sampled visits excluded in which a concomitant infection appeared as a secondary or tertiary diagnosis. See Appendix for ICD-9-CM codes specified by each condition.

  • a Excludes nitrofurantoin.