Factors Associated With Childhood Behavioral or Emotional Problems in Bivariate Analyses, MEPS 2004–2008 (N = 21 993)

n% of CIS ≥ 16 (Weighted)P
Age, y<.0001
    5–1112 1975.55
    Male11 1878.43
    Female10 8066.47
    White (non-Hispanic)96218.88
    Black (non-Hispanic)24616.29
    Asian/Pacific Islander (non-Hispanic)10862.94
Living with smoker(s)<.0001
    No15 3866.39
Paternal PCS score<.0001
    Average or above average12 5416.31
    Within 1 SD below average40648.19
    >1 SD below average53889.79
Paternal MCS score<.0001
    Average or above average11 0715.42
    Within 1 SD below average50528.96
    >1 SD below average587010.37
Maternal PCS score<.0001
    Average or above average13 7816.05
    Within 1 SD below average47589.75
    >1 SD below average309710.70
Maternal MCS score<.0001
    Average or above average12 4424.67
    Within 1 SD below average580610.57
    >1 SD below average374512.90
Paternal depressive symptoms (N = 19 180)a<.0001
    No17 9396.95
Maternal depressive symptoms (N = 20 286)a<.0001
    No18 4916.60
Paternal smoking (N = 19 221)a.0005
    No15 1576.89
Maternal smoking (N = 20 302)a<.0001
    No17 4686.60
Paternal education (N = 21 247)a.0183
    <High school degree64116.91
    High school degree/GED64708.61
    ≥Bachelor's degree88666.99
Maternal education (N = 21 913)a.2281
    <High school degree62297.06
    High school degree/GED60578.27
    ≥Bachelor's degree96277.18
Responder to CIS.1318
    Mother17 0198.24
  • a Sample for bivariate analyses was based on children aged 5 to 17 years living in a 2-parent household with child CIS data and parental MCS and PCS scores. Thus, the number of subjects with information for PHQ-2 on parental depressive symptoms, as well as parental smoking status and parental education, is different from the total number of subjects used in the bivariate and multivariate analyses.