Patient and Hospital Characteristics Associated With Hospital Charges in a Multivariable Linear Regression Model

VariableAdjusted Charge Ratio95% CIP
Female vs male gender1.000.97–1.04.91
Per comorbid illness1.181.13–1.23<.01
Per dysfunctional organ system1.411.36–1.47<.01
Source of admissiona
    Another hospital1.231.12–1.35<.01
    Routine/clinic0.950. 87–1.03.21
Type of hospitalb
    Nonchildren's teaching hospital1.191.06–1.35<.01
    Children's teaching and nonteaching     hospital1.491.32–1.70<.01
Hospital bed sizec
Hospital location
    Urban vs rural1.691.54–1.86<.01
APRDRG levels of illness severityd
    Minor or moderate0.180.17–0.20<.01
  • The adjusted charge ratio reflects the odds of the specified outcome compared with the reference category within the same variable, adjusted for the other outcome categories that appear here.

  • a Reference category was the ED.

  • b Reference category was nonchildren's nonteaching hospital.

  • c Reference category was small hospital bed size.

  • d Reference category was extreme illness severity.