TABLE 12-1

Metabolic Syndrome Component Levels for Evaluation of Children With Multiple Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Risk FactorCut PointReference
Obesity, percentile
    BMI≥85th to <95thCDC growth charts
    Waist circumference≥90th to <95thNHANES
BP, percentile≥90th to <95th“The Fourth Report on the Diagnosis, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents”
Dyslipidemia, mg/dLSee “Lipids and Lipoproteins” for normative values
    HDL cholesterol≥40 to ≤45
        0–9 y≥75 to <100
        ≥10 y≥90 to <130
    Non-HDL cholesterol≥120 to <144
Glycemia, mg/dLADA screening recommendations
    Fasting glucose≥100 to <126
    Fasting insulinElevated fasting insulin level, above normal for gender, race, and pubertal status, is considered evidence of insulin resistance
  • NHANES indicates National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey; ADA, American Diabetes Association.