Odds Ratios for Hypertension and Metabolic Syndrome at ≥30 Years of Age (Adjusted for Adult Age and Childhood BMI), Given a Systolic Blood Pressure Exceeding Criterion Values at a Single Examination in Childhood

EBP (Yes/No)Odds Ratio (95% Confidence Interval)
    5–7 y3.8 (1.5–9.7)a4.5 (1.1–17.7)a
    8–13 y3.5 (1.5–8.3)a2.7 (1.0–7.1)a
    14–18 y1.1 (0.5–2.4)3.8 (1.2–12.7)a
Metabolic syndrome
    5–7 y1.6 (0.6–3.9)3.1 (1.0–9.7)a
    8–13 y2.6 (1.1–5.9)a2.2 (1.0–5.2)a
    14–18 y1.2 (0.6–2.6)1.5 (0.6–3.7)
  • EBP indicates elevated blood pressure at a single examination in childhood that exceeded age- and gender-specific criteria established in part 1; hypertension, systolic blood pressure of >130 mm Hg and/or diastolic blood pressure of >85 mm Hg.

  • a Value is significant at P < .05.