Main Reported Reasons Parents Did Not Intend for Their 13- to 17-Year-Old Daughters to Receive HPV Vaccination in Next 12 Months

Reasons for Not Intending to Receive HPV Vaccinean% (95% CI)
Lack of knowledge108919.4 (17.3–21.8)
Vaccination not needed or not necessary118918.8 (17.0–20.7)
Daughter not sexually active117118.3 (16.6–20.2)
Did not receive provider recommendation74213.1 (11.6–14.8)
Daughter not appropriate age4737.3 (6.2–8.5)
Safety concerns/adverse effects4787.3 (6.3–8.5)
More information/new vaccine3214.2 (3.5–5.1)
Family/parents' decision2383.9 (3.2–4.8)
Already up to date2573.3 (2.7–4.1)
Costs1623.2 (2.5–4.2)
Child should make decision921.3 (0.9–2.0)
Child fearful591.2 (0.8–1.9)
No doctor or doctor's visit not scheduled481.1 (0.7–1.7)
Otherb921.1 (0.9–1.3)
Handicapped/special needs/illness661.0 (0.6–1.7)
  • a Among adolescents whose parents responded “not too likely,” “not likely at all,” or “unsure” to the question, “How likely is it that [your teen] will receive HPV shots in the next 12 months?” Missing responses were excluded (6.3%).

  • b Other responses included vaccine effectiveness concerns, college shot, do not believe in immunizations, religion/orthodox, time, vaccine not available, not a school requirement, increased sexual activity concern, no obstetrician/gynecologist, or daughter already sexually active.