Articles on Patients With UTIs in Childhood and Later CKD

StudyPopulationAge at End of Follow-up Period, yPatients With Symptomatic UTIs in Childhood and CKD Without Definitive Noninfectious Causea
Prospective studies
    Smellie et al11 (1998)226 patients with UTIs and nonobstructive VUR in childhood26–522 girls
    Martinell et al12 (1996)111 girls with UTIs or asymptomatic bacteruria and risks in childhood16–33None
    Wennerström et al13 (2000)68 patients with UTIs and nonobstructive scars in childhood7–34None
    Jacobson et al14 (1989)30 patients with UTIs and nonobstructive scars in childhood22–411 man and 2 women
Retrospective studies on patients with CKD
    Esbjörner et al15 (1997)All 118 patients with CKD in childhood in Sweden0–16None
    Sreenarasimhaiah and Hellerstein16 (1998)102 children0–201 girl
    Stewart et al17 (1975)403 consecutive patients15–55None (timing of UTIs for 3 patients with uncertain diagnosis was not reported)
    Murray and Goldberg18 (1975)320 patients10–81None (timing of UTI for 1 patient with nephrosclerosis was not reported)
    Schechter et al19 (1971)173 consecutive patients9–612 women
    Huland et al20 (1979)25 consecutive patients (all had VUR in adulthood)7–614 women
  • a More-detailed information is listed in Table 3.