Asthma Composite Components According to Age Group and Comparison Group

Age 4–11 y, N (person-years)1789 (865)1626 (807)3415 (1672)
    Asthma-related death, No. of cases101
    Asthma-related death/intubation, No. of cases202
    Asthma-related hospitalization, No. of cases386199
    Asthma composite, No. of cases3961100
    All-cause death, No. of cases101
Age 12–17 y, N (person-years)3289 (1492)3103 (1429)6392 (2921)
    Asthma-related death, No. of cases011
    Asthma-related death/intubation, No. of cases224
    Asthma-related hospitalization, No. of cases304777
    Asthma composite, No. of cases304878
    All-cause death, No. of cases011
Age 18–64 y, N (person-years)23 604 (9743)23 274 (9679)46 878 (19 422)
    Asthma-related death, No. of cases21416
    Asthma-related death/intubation, No. of cases183856
    Asthma-related hospitalization, No. of cases199237436
    Asthma composite, No. of cases202246448
    All-cause death, No. of cases183351
Age ≥ 65 y, N (person-years)2097 (811)2117 (865)4214 (1676)
    Asthma-related death, No. of cases112
    Asthma-related death/intubation, No. of cases549
    Asthma-related hospitalization, No. of cases312354
    Asthma-related composite, No. of cases322557
    All-cause death, No. of cases211738