BPA, Creatinine-Standardized BPA, and Creatinine Concentrations in Urine During Gestation and Childhood

nProportion Detected, %Minimum5th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile95th PercentileMaximum
BPA level, μg/L of urine
    Gestational mean24497<LOD0.
        16 wk24489<LOD<LOD0.
        26 wk24090<LOD<LOD0.
    Childhood mean2291000.
        1 y21397<LOD0.
        2 y19599<LOD0.
        3 y22296<LOD0.
Creatinine-standardized BPA level, μg/g creatininea
    Gestational mean244970.
        16 wk24389<LOD0.
        26 wk240890.
    Childhood mean2291002.34.67.6142162431
        1 y212971.54.79.9183491812
        2 y195991.
        3 y222960.
Creatinine level, mg/dL urine
    16 wk2431007.72053104160284487
    26 wk2401009.2144279139264428
    1 y2121003.835.812193475144
    2 y1951005.516.919356083201
    3 y2221006.912345473119269
  • a Creatinine-standardized urinary BPA concentrations were calculated by dividing urinary BPA concentrations by urinary creatinine concentrations, to control for urine dilution, whereas nonstandardized concentrations were not.