Maximum Spectral Irradiance of Phototherapy Devices (Using Commercial Light Meters at Manufacturer Recommended Distances) Compared to Clear-Sky Sunlight

Light Meter [Range, Peak]Footprint Irradiance, (μW/cm2/nma)
BiliBlanketWallaby (Neo)PEP BedMartin/Philips BBneoBLUEPortaBed@ Zenith on 8/31/05
@ Contact@ Contact@ 10 cm@ 25 cm@ 30 cm@ 10 cmLevel Ground
BiliBlanket Meter II [400–520, 450 nm]34283440693476144
Bili-Meter, Model 22 [425–475, 460 nm]29163249100258665**
Joey Dosimeter, JD-100 [420–550, 470 nm]5351608817484195304**
PMA-2123 Bilirubin Detectora (400–520, 460 nm)2424373570387381
GoldiLux UVA Photometer, GRP-1b [315–400, 365 nm]<0.04<0.04<0.04<0.04<0.04<0.04<0.042489
  • Data in Table 2 were tested and compiled by Hendrik J. Vreman (June 2007 and reverified December 2010).

  • ** Irradiance presented to this meter exceeded its range. Measurement was made through a stainless-steel screen that attenuated the measured irradiance to 57%, which was subsequently corrected by this factor.

  • a Solar Light Company, Inc., Glenside, PA 19038.

  • b Oriel Instruments, Stratford, CT 06615 and SmartMeter GRP-1 with UV-A probe. GRP-1 measures UV-A light as µW/cm2. No artificial light source delivered significant (<0.04 μW/cm2) UV-A radiation at the distances measured.