Summary of Representative Studies of Outcome After In-Hospital Pediatric Cardiac Arrest

SourceSettingNo. of PatientsROSC,n (%)Survival to Discharge, n (%)Good Neurologic Outcome, n (%)Age Associated With Survival
Meaney et al (2006; current)aICU CA464233 (50)105 (23)67 (14)Yes
Samson et al29(2006)aICU CA855427 (50)216 (25)190 (22)Not reported
Nadkarni et al27 (2006)aIn-hospital CA880459 (52)236 (27)131 (15)Not reported
ICU CA570301 (53)141 (25)Not reported
Reis et al9 (2002)In-hospital CA12983 (64)21 (16)19 (15)No
Suominen et al13 (2000)In-hospital CA11874 (63)23 (20)15 (13)No
Parra et al12 (2000)Cardiac ICU CA3224 (63)14 (44)8 (25)No
Young and Seidel28 (1999)In-hospital CAb544Not reported129 (24)Not reportedNot reported
Slonim et al10 (1997)PICU CAc205Not reported28 (14)Not reportedNo
Zaritsky11 (1987)In-hospital CACA 53Not reportedCA 5 (9)Not reportedNo
  • a All 3 studies from NRCPR database but different study periods.

  • b Meta-analysis.

  • c CA indicates cardiac arrest of 2 minutes duration or longer.