Survival Rates of Pediatric Cardiac Arrest in Intensive Care Settings

VariableNewborn (N = 62)Infant (N = 105)Younger Child (N = 90)Older Child (N = 207)Total (N = 464)
Primary outcome
    Survival to hospital discharge172738361719331610522
Secondary outcomes
    Return of spontaneous circulation325269664449884323350
    Survival at 24 h264258553233582817437
    Good neurologic outcome10162120131423116714
  • Age groups defined as: newborn (<1 month), infant (1 month to <1 year), younger child (1 year to <8 years), and older child (8 years to <21 years). ROSC >20 minutes, survival at 24 hours (24 h), good neurologic outcome is defined as survival to discharge with CPC 1 or 2 or the comparable PCPC of 1, 2, or 3 at hospital discharge or no change from prearrest CPC or PCPC.