Proportion of Under-18 Population Within Selected Distances of Physicians According to Pediatric Subspecialty in US Zip Codes With Any Children (n = 30 091)

DistanceAdolescent Medicine, %Critical Care, %Developmental Pediatrics, %Neonatal Medicine, %Neurodevelopment, %Pediatric Allergy, %Pediatric Cardiology, %Pediatric Endocrinology, %Pediatric Infectious Diseases, %Pediatric Pulmonology, %Pediatric Emergency Medicine, %Pediatric Gastroenterology, %Pediatric Hematology Oncology, %Pediatric Nephrology, %Pediatric Rheumatology, %Pediatric Sports Medicine, %
<40 mi64756483597375707068676975685954
    <10 mi48524657455052515049504952484542
    11 to 20 mi68610598777678655
    21 to 40 mi101612179141513131311131513108
41 to 80 mi17181612151617191819181917161617
>80 mi1972042611711121316128162430