Effect of Fasting Time (in Hours) on TC, HDL, LDL, and Triglycerides According to Weight Status After Adjustment for Age, Race, and Gender

Healthy WeightOverweight or ObeseDifference, Pa
β95% Confidence Intervalβ95% Confidence Interval
Cholesterol0.089−0.102 to 0.2790.2920.029 to 0.555.163
HDL0.054−0.016 to 0.1240.1070.020 to 0.194.336
Non-HDL0.035−0.155 to 0.2250.185−0.079 to 0.449.299
LDL0.360−0.054 to 0.7750.6880.224 to 1.152.223
Triglycerides−0.970−1.705 to −0.234−0.717−1.726 to 0.292.656
  • a P value for the difference between coefficients in the healthy weight and overweight regressions.