Multivariable Analysis of Risk Factors of Infant Deaths in Sitting Devices Compared With Deaths Not Occurring in a Sitting Device

CharacteristicsOdds Ratio (95% CI)aP
Primary supervisor at the time of death
 Relative0.7 (0.4–1.2).16
 Friend1.1 (0.4–3.7).83
 Baby-sitter2.0 (1.3–3.2).002
 Child care provider2.8 (1.5–5.2).002
 Other0.7 (0.1–5.2).75
 Unknown0.8 (0.6–1.2).35
 Parent or guardianReference
Cause of death
 ASSB0.4 (0.3–0.6)<.001
 Unknown or undetermined0.8 (0.7–1.1).14
 SUID or SIDSReference
 Bed-sharing0.03 (0.02–0.05)<.001
 Not bed-sharingReference
≥1 object in sleep environment
 Item present0.5 (0.4–0.6)<.001
 No item presentReference
  • —, not applicable.

  • a Adjusted by age category, sex, and race and/or ethnicity. Reference is death not occurring in a sitting device.