Sensitivity Analyses of the Association Between Proven Sepsis and NDI and Cerebral Palsy, Respectively

Proven Sepsis and NDIProven Sepsis and Cerebral Palsy
OR (95% CI)OR (95% CI)
Main modela1.69 (0.96–2.98)3.23 (1.23–8.48)
With lung maturation1.64 (0.92–2.93)3.73 (1.36–10.2)
With twin/higher pregnancy1.70 (0.96–3.00)3.21 (1.22–8.43)
Without birth weight1.69 (0.96–2.97)3.10 (1.19–8.08)
Without gender1.70 (0.97–2.97)3.13 (1.20–8.18)
Without gestational age1.73 (0.99–3.02)3.27 (1.25–8.55)
Without socioeconomic status1.69 (0.98–2.91)3.35 (1.30–8.65)
Without year of birth1.60 (0.91–2.81)2.84 (1.11–7.24)
Without study center1.69 (0.98–2.89)3.23 (1.23–8.48)
Excluding infants with NECb1.72 (0.96–3.08)3.09 (1.14–8.34)
  • a The main model is equivalent to the adjusted model in Table 4. This model is adjusted for center, year of birth, gender, gestational age, birth weight, brain injury, BPD, ROP, socioeconomic status, and postnatal growth.

  • b NEC analysis was performed with the exclusion of 7 infants with NEC in the proven sepsis group, resulting in 342 subjects with complete data.