IBFAT Scoring System

Check the answer that best describes the baby's feeding behaviors at this feed.
  1. To get the baby to begin this feed, did you or the nurse have to:

    1. Just place the baby on the breast as no effort was needed

    2. Use mild stimulation such as unbundling, patting, or burping

    3. Unbundle baby, sit baby back and forward, rub baby's body or limbs vigorously at the beginning and during the feed

    4. Could not be aroused

  2. Rooting (definition: at touch of nipple to cheek, baby's head turns toward the nipple, the mouth opens, and baby attempts to fix mouth on the nipple). When the baby was placed at the breast, he/she:

    1. Rooted effectively at once

    2. Needed some coaxing, prompting/encouragement to root

    3. Rooted poorly even with coaxing

    4. Did not try to root

  3. How long from placing baby at the breast does he/she latch on and start to feed well (constant sucking through the length of the feed, with some pauses, on either/or both breasts)?

    1. Starts to feed at once, 0–3 minutes

    2. 3–10 minutes

    3. Over 10 minutes

    4. Did not latch on

  4. Which of the following phrases best describes the baby's feeding pattern at this feed?

    1. Baby did not suck

    2. Sucked poorly, weak sucking, some sucking for short periods

    3. Sucked fairly well (sucked off and on but needed some encouragement)

    4. Sucked well on one or both breasts

  5. How do you feel about the way the baby fed at this feeding?

    1. Very pleased

    2. Pleased

    3. Fairly pleased

    4. Not pleased

  • Values of 0 to 3 are assigned to responses; 3 represents the best response for each question.

  • Total score: ___.