Cox Regression Results for Children in GMFCS Levels III Through V

Hazard Ratio for Death and 95% Confidence Interval
Weight below the 20th percentileb1.6 (1.4–3.8)1.5 (1.4–1.7)
  • Both models account for functional skills that vary over time (ie, time-varying covariates). The baseline hazard functions were stratified by GMFCS level. Based on 56 325 evaluations of 14 688 individuals in GMFCS levels III through V. The cohort experienced 1371 deaths over 89 594 person-years of follow-up.

  • a Adjusted for gender, age, head-lifting ability, feeding, mental retardation, low birth weight or prematurity, and calendar year.

  • b GMFCS- and age-specific 20th percentile.