Table 1.

Selection Criteria for Vaginal Gonococcal Cultures

AAP Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect
“Routine cultures and screening of all children for gonorrhea … is not recommended. The yield of positive cultures is very low in asymptomatic prepubertal children, especially those whose histories indicate fondling only. When epidemiologically indicated, or when the history and/or physical findings suggest the possibility of oral, genital or rectal contact, appropriate cultures… should be obtained.”1
Siegel et al
“In prepubertal girls, cultures for N gonorrhoeae need only be obtained when a discharge is present at the time of examination or if the child is felt to be at high risk for STD acquisition. We define high-risk as having a STD diagnosed, a sibling with a STD, contact with a perpetrator known to have a STD, or contact with multiple perpetrators—all girls Tanner stage III or greater should be tested for STD’s”2