Table 1.

Mineral and Protein Content of Different Feeding Regimens*

Ca, mg/LP, mg/LCa:P RatioProtein, g/L
Feeding groups during the first 6 mo
 Human milk3001502.010.5
 Low mineral4302401.816.2
 Moderate mineral5103901.314.5
Feeding groups during the second 6 mo
 Moderate mineral5103901.314.5
 High mineral13509001.519.8
 Cow milk12309601.333.9
  • * Based on published data from Ross Products Division, Abbott Laboratories, A7368, September 1995, and Carnation Nutritional Products, information FF 150-0041, 1994. Conversion from milligrams of calcium per day to millimoles of calcium per day is 0.02495; conversion from milligrams of phosphorus per day to millimoles of phosphorus per day is 0.03229.