Table 5.

Number of Invasive Procedures Associated With Behavioral Distress During MHX Sedation (n = 49)*

Phase of SedationDistress Responses‡§Grade of Distress
NoneVery MildMildModerateIntenseExtremely Intense
Preprocedure   Verbal4621
Intraprocedure   Verbal481
Postprocedure   Verbal49
End of monitoring   Verbal4621
  • * Forty-nine invasive procedures were performed in 35 children sedated with MHX and assessed for behavioral distress using the Procedure Behavioral Checklist (LeBaron and Zeltzer, 1982).

  • Defined verbal responses: verbalized anxiety, pain, and stalling; crying; screaming.

  • § Defined muscular responses: muscle tension; physical movement; use of restraint.