Table 2.

Breastfeeding in the Hospital and at 6 Months of Age by Region of Residence and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Supplemental Food Program Participation Status, 1995

CharacteristicIn Hospital, %At 6 mo, %
 New England62.023.1
 Middle Atlantic56.422.2
 East North Central59.220.8
 West North Central63.822.1
 South Atlantic62.522.2
 East South Central51.215.7
 West South Central62.819.9
 New England52.116.3
 Middle Atlantic44.414.1
 East North Central33.010.4
 West North Central40.412.2
 South Atlantic35.310.0
 East South Central25.05.7
 West South Central27.17.6
WIC participation
 New England48.913.1
 Middle Atlantic42.212.1
 East North Central39.39.6
 West North Central49.212.7
 South Atlantic40.19.6
 East South Central31.16.7
 West South Central42.39.8
 New England68.227.4
 Middle Atlantic62.525.5
 East North Central66.526.1
 West North Central71.527.4
 South Atlantic70.027.4
 East South Central64.323.0
 West South Central68.925.4