Table 1.

Concurrent Battery

Woodcock-Johnson Psychoeducational
Battery: Tests of AchievementRevised10 (selected subtests)
An individually administered measure of academic skills.
 Letter-Word IdentificationReading readiness and reading skills
 Applied ProblemsNumber concepts
 DictationGrapho-motor and spelling skills
 Skills ClusterComposite of the above three subtests
Slosson Intelligence Test11A brief individually administered test of intelligence
Child Development Inventory (CDI)12*A 300-item, parent report measure providing age equivalents and cutoff
 scores for subtests in the following areas: language, motor, social, self-help,
 behavior, health, and pre-academic and academic skills. A Possible Problems
 list helps identify health, behavioral and other parental observations.
  • * The CDI should not be confused with its subsidiary measures, the Child Development Inventories, which are screening tests. The CDI is an assessment measure that provides comprehensive information on children's functioning in all domains.