Table 3.

Subgroup Analysis of Patients With Positive Blood Cultures

Study GroupPathogen Isolated From Blood CultureAge at Onset of Symptoms, dSymptom Score*Maximum C-Reactive Protein, mg/LDuration of Therapy, d
1Escherichia coli1465
Staphylococcus epidermidis13252
2aCorynebacteria xerois13563
S epidermidis11153
S epidermidis43396
Group BStreptococcus12695
S epidermidis13765
2bS hemolyticus12305
Group BStreptococcus22545
Group BStreptococcus121306
Group BStreptococcus32706
E coli21245
Group BStreptococcus12515
Group BStreptococcus12695
  • * Given in numbers of symptom categories as outlined in “Methods.”

  • This patient received a second course of antibiotic therapy for recurrent infection with group B Streptococcus.