Table 2.

Subgroup Analysis of Patients Receiving a Second Course of Antibiotic Therapy

Duration of
Initial (Second)
Therapy, d
Time Between
Periods, d
C-Reactive Protein ≥10 mg/L
During Second Episode
Remarks and Relapse Classification
12  (4)3+Facial skin lacerations (potential relapse)
2  (2)14Transient suspicion of necrotizing enterocolitis (no relapse)
2  (2)2 >+*Rotavirus enteritis (no relapse)
2  (2)1Rotavirus enteritis (no relapse)
2a5  (2)2Respiratory syncytial virus infection (no relapse)
2b5  (7)3+Bronchial cyst (potential relapse)
6  (10)16+Group BStreptococcus meningitis (likely relapse)
  • * C-reactive protein reached 15 mg/L on one occasion.