Distribution of Biological, Socioeconomic, and Psychosocial Factors for the Analysis Sample and Excluded Sample of Infants in the MCS

Analysis Sample,a %Excluded Sample,a %Pb
Mother's age at birth, y.02
Birth weight, g<.00005
Gestation, wk<.00005
Smoking during pregnancy<.00005
Social class<.00005
    Higher professional/managerial16.0514.13
    Lower professional/managerial22.0818.45
    Intermediate occupations7.636.14
    Small employers and self employed1.069.96
    Lower supervisory and technical12.6112.78
    Semiroutine occupations13.7315.74
    Routine occupations13.4515.88
Mother's educational qualifications<.00005
    Level 010.3719.16
    Level 18.148.11
    Level 229.9718.18
    Level 314.5312.97
    Level 430.8425.75
    Level 54.022.62
Mother's employment status<.00005
    Full-time work15.1913.51
    Part-time work32.2925.83
Partnership status.001
    Lone parent13.3215.64
No. of siblings<.00005
    2 or more21.1025.92
Care while working<.00005
    Not applicable53.1464.98
Cared for by others, h/wk<.00005
Malaise scale1.561.82<.00005
Postnatal attachment scale51.3050.94.002
Attitude toward stimulating infant1.401.41.26
Attitude toward cuddling infant1.171.19.02
Attitude toward talking to infant1.181.20.007
  • a Percentages and means are adjusted for the clustered survey design and weighted to the UK population.

  • b Pearson χ2 test or test of difference between means, both with correction for clustered survey design.