Table 1.

Summary of Knowledge Questions Included in Survey

 1.  What are the two pediatric groups at highest risk for drowning and near-drowning?
A: Children 1 to 4 years old and boys 15 to 19 years old

 2.  Are male adolescents more likely to drown than female adolescents?
A: Yes

 3.  Are male toddlers more likely to drown than female toddlers?
A: Yes

 4.  Are overall drowning rates twice as high in black children as in white children?
A: Yes

 5.  Are bathtub drownings more common in families of high socioeconomic status?
A: No

 6.  Are children from larger families at increased risk of drowning?
A: Yes

 7.  Alcohol and/or illicit drug use are a contributing factor in what percentage of adolescent drownings?
A: 40 to 50%

 8.  What percent of toddlers who drown in the United States drown in residential swimming pools?
A: 60 to 90%

 9.  How long have the majority of toddlers who drown in swimming pools been left unsupervised?
A: Less than 5 minutes

10.  Does drowning cause more pediatric deaths than do ingestions?
A: Yes

  • * Percent of respondents who answered correctly