Table 2.

Vaccine Manufacturer, Pertussis Inactivation Process, and Antigen Content of Acellular Pertussis Combined With Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoid Vaccines Evaluated in Clinical Trials

Vaccine ManufacturerPertussis Toxoid Inactivation ProcessPertussis
Toxoid, μg/dose
Filamentous Hemagglutinin, μg/dosePertactin, μg/doseFimbria, μg/doseDiphtheria Toxoid, Lf*Tetanus Toxoid, Lf*
Connaught Laboratories (Tripedia)Formaldehyde23.423.46.75
Wyeth-Lederle Laboratories
Connaught, Ltd, (Canada)Glutaraldehyde1053  5155
SmithKline BeechamFormaldehyde and  glutaraldehyde25251710
Chiron-BiocineGenetic and  formaldehyde52.52.52510
SmithKline Beecham§Formaldehyde and  glutaraldehyde252582510
North American VaccineHydrogen peroxide40257
  • * Lf indicates limit of flocculation units per dose.

  • Fimbria type 2.

  • Fimbria types 2 and 3.

  • § Same vaccine tested in trials in Italy and Mainz, Germany.