Key Aspects of School Response to Chemical-Biological Terrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies

Assembly of the school crisis-response team
    Principal, counselors, nurses, custodians
Contact and coordination with local public health–response team(s)
    Plan includes plans for rapid evacuation of physically and developmentally disabled children from all floors
    Plan includes strategy for evacuation/relocation in inclement weather
    Plan includes the transport of medications, contact telephone numbers, and other essential material
    Plan informs parents in advance of relocation site
    Designed for response to outdoor threats
    Designed for response to a threat within the school
Communication with parents
    Anticipates inability of parents to reach the school by telephone
    Potentially includes automatic callout system, voice mail, parent contact “tree,” or Web-based communication system
Policy for use of cellular phones by students during a disaster
Protocols for disaster response by after-school programs, including athletics