Attitudes Regarding Health Care Providers of HealthStyles Respondents With at Least 1 Child Aged 6 Years or Younger, 2009 (N = 475)

Weighted %95% Confidence Interval
My child's health care provider has strongly recommended that I vaccinate my child
    Strongly/somewhat agree83.380.0–86.2
    Neither agree nor disagree9.67.3–12.2
    Strongly/somewhat disagree7.25.3–9.6
I usually follow the advice of my child's health care provider
    Strongly/somewhat agree86.583.5–89.2
    Neither agree nor disagree8.96.8–11.6
    Strongly/somewhat disagree4.63.1–6.7
My child's main health care provider is easy to talk to
    Strongly/somewhat agree87.184.3–89.8
    Neither agree nor disagree12.19.5–15.0
    Strongly/somewhat disagree0.70.2–1.7
I trust the vaccine advice my child's main health care provider gives me
    Strongly/somewhat agree84.080.8–86.9
    Neither agree nor disagree10.88.4–13.6
    Strongly/somewhat disagree5.23.6–7.3
How many questions about vaccines do you ask your youngest child's health care provider during a routine visit?
Do you always do what the health care provider recommends when making decisions about the safety of vaccines for your youngest child?