Vaccine-Information Sources of HealthStyles Respondents With at Least 1 Child Aged 6 Years or Younger, 2009 (N = 475)

Weighted %95% Confidence Interval
How much information about specific immunization safety issues will you try to find before your youngest child's next vaccination?
    A lot20.717.5–24.2
    A little11.99.4–14.8
    Does not apply, my child has already had all recommended vaccines33.529.7–37.5
What are the 3 most important sources of information that have helped you make decisions about your youngest child's vaccinations?
    My child's health care provider, such as a doctor or nurse81.778.4–84.8
    My child's other parent23.019.7–26.7
    American Academy of Pediatrics20.917.7–24.5
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention14.912.1–18.0
    Television news shows3.22.0–4.9
    Complementary health care provider, such as a chiropractor or homeopath2.01.1–3.4
    Daytime or entertainment television shows0.90.3–2.0