Vaccine-Related Concerns of HealthStyles Respondents With at Least 1 Child Aged 6 Years or Younger, 2009 (N = 475)

Weighted %95% Confidence Interval
It is painful for children to receive so many shots during 1 doctor's visit44.240.1–48.3
My child getting too many vaccines in 1 doctor's visit34.230.3–38.2
Vaccines causing fevers in my child28.324.7–32.1
Children get too many vaccines during the first 2 years of life27.824.1–31.6
Vaccines may cause learning disabilities (such as autism)26.222.6–29.9
The ingredients in vaccines (what vaccines are made of) are unsafe22.118.9–25.8
I have no concerns about childhood vaccines20.817.7–24.5
Vaccines are given to children to prevent diseases that they are not likely to get14.211.6–17.4
Vaccines may cause chronic disease (such as diabetes, asthma, or immune system problems)13.510.9–16.6
Vaccines are not tested enough for safety13.210.6–16.2
My child will not be vaccinated on time because there are not enough of some vaccines9.77.4–12.3
Vaccines are given to children to prevent diseases that are not serious6.84.9–9.1